Heelloooo! I'm so incredibly happy to see that you are interested in learning a little more about me. I totally understand that hiring a photographer is SO important. This is who I am & my approach :)

My name is Bryanna, but you can call me Bry! I am a 20 year old short hispanic weirdo who is also a sushi, boba & cacti lover. Oh and dogs. I fall in love every time I see a pup, ssooooo if you have a dog, please bring them :'-) . But back to the short hispanic weirdo.. LOL sometimes people get taken aback when they first meet me. Why? Well, I mean... I'm actually really short.  But standing at 4'10 never stops me! You will find me climbing, doing some awkward squats / weird poses, and maybe even jump or run around just to get the perfect shot. Also... Yes I may or may not bring a stool to my shoots. :) 


I want your experience to be as fun and easy as possible. I love connecting with my soon-to-be newlyweds, my freshly engaged couples and the crazy in love kids who just want some photos taken. Don't be scared about the posing or looking 'perfect' and instagram ready. I want you to be barefoot, or for your hair to just be a little messy. I'm all about the candid, carefree, wild and silly moments. I freakin guarantee you.. You will always find me being goofy and laughing about something. I believe that my photoshoots should be enjoyable, and filled with smiles, memories and moments that will be captured forever. Candid moments - 100%.


I'm currently living in NorCal, but I adventure anywhere & everywhere. I love traveling. I love exploring. I especially love it the most when I am with an amazing couple capturing those sweet memories. This is me: I don't really want to go to the nearest neighborhood park. Going to a beautiful place speaks to me and I hope it speaks to you too! I want to go frolicking through a field. I want to hike to the top of that hill and see the beautiful views. Or maybe get our jeans wet at the ocean. Let's get out there and do something wild. I'm literally just third wheeling a super cute adventure date of yours, and just guiding you throughout the day. I want to capture these moments for you so that your future kids will cringe at mom and dad kissing. So that 10 years from now you'll look back at these and remember every little loving detail. 

SOOO if all of this sounds like someone you would like for your engagement photos, at your wedding, or whatever you want me to capture. LET'S DO THIS. Press that "book me" button. I seriously can't wait to hear from you and your lover.

- Bry :)​