Eric + Natalie's Elopement - McCloud, CA

Eric and Natalie were originally supposed to be getting married in the woods of Mill Valley, California. Unfortunately because of the COVID-19, San Francisco was closed. We had to take a different route when it came to their wedding. Eric and Natalie refused to let this affect them and decided to go through with the wedding either way. The original plans we had made together were thrown of the window and we had to play everything by ear. We found their ceremony spot out of pure luck and determination. I literally drove around McCloud until I found the PERFECT spot for them. After finding our locations, they started getting ready. We did their first look on the adorable balcony in the McCloud Hotel, then left to McCloud falls for their vow exchange.

We got to the falls, walked through some snow, took in the scenery, then Eric & Natalie started reading their vows to each other. I swear we all cried. It was such a beautiful moment. Having these two say their forever's to each other with the waterfall gently falling in the background was so surreal. There were a few people at the falls, but the moment that they saw Eric and Natalie they dispersed and gave them the location all to themselves. Eric told me he didn’t think he would cry, he told me he’s not really a happy crier. But he was WRONG. I guess he just couldn’t help himself. I swear you guys... Their vows to each other were just so sweet and made my heart melt. With their hearts filled with happiness and love, we took a few photos before heading back to the hotel to get these two finally married.

We got back to the hotel, grouped everyone together then headed to the ceremony spot. They had their beautiful ceremony with Mount Shasta in the background. They stood with their daughters, Rosie and Aliza, ( who by the way were honestly just so adorable and I literally felt like their best friend by the end of the day) they exchanged rings, had their first kiss & immediately after followed their first dance. I loved this moment. I haven't witnessed someone do their first dance right after being pronounced husband and wife, but with everyone witnessing their love and then their girls joining them, It just felt so right. It was just such a pure moment. Right after this they decided to do a gender reveal because, surprise! Natalie is pregnant!!! And we find out that it’s a girl. They celebrated amongst each other, we took some family photos and then had dinner. Eric, Natalie and I returned to the ceremony spot for golden hour to end the day off. They literally couldn't keep their hands off each other and I was all for it. I'm so happy that they went through with their ceremony despite the obstacles that came their way. I'm so in love with this wedding. It was an amazing day filled with the best people.

Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Lamb!!